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For every person who loves taking care of their car, there are scores of well-meaning drivers who are all too forgetful (or apathetic) about things like washing, waxing, and cleaning. After all, with so many other obligations to juggle, giving your car a once-over can turn into an all-day project if you’re not careful. But that shouldn’t stop you from having a car that shines while looking (and smelling) great.

I mean, who doesn’t love that new car smell from the dealership, the crispness of the seat fabric and carpeting, and the spotlessness of every surface inside and out? Sure, it’d be tough to bring a used car back to “like new” condition, but you don’t have to settle for years of built-up grime, sticky dashboard buttons, and weird smells from food long forgotten.

If you don’t have the time or energy to do it yourself, your friendly neighborhood professional car detailer is your best friend with all things car cleaning. Perhaps we’re biased, but here are a few things to consider as you contemplate how to get that drink stain out of your upholstery.

Save Time and Money

Sure, paying someone to clean your car for you costs money, and no one wants to spend their cash when they feel they don’t need to – especially in this economy. However, a little upfront cost now can pay off in the long run by saving other resources, including money.

Even if you know your car inside and out and how to work a vacuum cleaner, sponge, and warm soapy water, a professional car detailer is… well… a professional. They have a set process that they’ve practiced dozens (if not hundreds or even thousands) of times that works with specialized tools to get every nook and cranny. With all that practice, a project that you’d dread to do all afternoon could just as easily be done in a few hours by a pro.

But then how do you save money by paying someone else to do the work for you? Here are a few ways:

  • You don’t have to spend money on buying all the equipment, supplies, and specialized tools yourself.
  • You don’t have to take time off work to do it yourself – and if you’re already off work, you can enjoy your time off if you don’t like cleaning cars.
  • You don’t have to worry about wasting time or money having to redo work or potentially replacing things because you accidentally caused bigger problems when cleaning something the wrong way (like using the green scrubby side of a kitchen sponge against the paint of your car).


Convenient, Especially with Mobile Car Detailers

In the spirit of saving time and energy, what if you don’t want to drive to your local car detailer to get your car cleaned? Luckily, there are mobile car detailers that’ll come straight to you with all their tools and cleaning supplies. You can even hang out and watch the process as your car returns to its former glory – just make sure to give the pro their space to work their magic.

Granted, not every town has mobile car detailers readily available. But if you’re in one of the lucky places that do, be sure to keep the cleaning area clear of toys, clutter, and other debris so that the detailer can get right to work.

Detailing Tailored to What You and Your Car Need

While the methods of detailing cars are more or less the same, each car needs special care depending on what needs attention. Some cars just need a quick once-over. Others need to have layers of grime and dust removed after years of use (or years spent sitting around untouched). No matter what needs doing, a professional car detailer knows exactly how to size up the situation and choose the right tools for the job.

Armed with specialized knowledge and an arsenal of gadgets, your car cleaning professional comes to you with multiple options so that you can get the level of cleanliness and service you’re looking for. This will also give you more control over how much time and money you want to spend and decide on a service plan that fits your needs.

Minimal Stress

Even if you’re not a car nut, your car is still a subconscious extension of yourself. There’s still a quiet satisfaction and peace of mind of being able to drive a clean car compared to one caked in dirt, dust, pollen, and bird poop from those pesky starlings every spring. By delegating this task to a knowledgeable professional, you’re giving your car some extra love and attention that you can’t get with a regular wash. And with all that extra clutter removed inside to match the shininess outside, it’s hard not to take pride in the little car spa treatment you ordered.

Want to Get Your Car to Shine?

If you want to get your car looking and smelling like new, it doesn’t have to be this massive undertaking anymore. Call the pros at Dom’s Details or use our helpful contact form below today and we’d be happy to help set up an appointment to come over and give your vehicle the cleaning it deserves.

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