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Tulsa Car Detailing

Car Exterior Detailing

Aesthetic Evolution

Is your car covered in overwhelming dirt & grime from your latest adventure?
Are those faded black plastics ruining your ride’s image?
Are your headlights hazy, limiting your visibility & overall safety?

Enhance. Protect. Restore. This is what you can expect from high-quality exterior car detail. If you can’t look at your vehicle with a feeling of pride in your heart, don’t worry, our exterior car detailing will restore your ride to its former glory.

Whether you need a standard hand wash & wax, wheel & tire cleaning, complete restoration of your engine bay, or specialized ceramic coatings, Dom’s Details exterior car detailing promises a full-service experience that leaves your vehicle with a ‘fresh off the showroom floor’ look.

You deserve to relive that new car feeling!

We promise, after seeing the finished result, you’ll utter “Wow!”

Explore what we can do for you to keep your car feeling fresh.

Car Interior Detailing

Freshness That Looks & Feels Right

Has your enthusiasm and excitement towards driving your car disappeared?
Is your car’s interior overwhelming you due to dirt, crumbs, and other debris?
Has driving your once brand new ride become a demanding chore due to all that inside clutter?
We’ve all been there, driving along, wondering where that new car magic disappeared off to.

Well, good news!

We’ll clean out all those annoying crumbs & all the nooks and crannies, wipe away every inch of dust, shampoo every square inch of your car’s carpet, remove any trace of unpleasant odors, eliminate pet hair & hard to remove stains, and of course, clear out all the french fries hiding between the seats.

Your vehicle’s interior can be a place worth enjoying again.

It’s time to be the ride everyone craves. Be the person who drives up in a shining chariot others can’t wait to jump in!

Explore what we can do to renew your vehicle’s pride. See for yourself how Dom’s Details can restore your car’s original charm.

Car Paint Correction Tulsa

Leave a Lasting Impression

Is your paint not looking as clear as it did the day your car rolled off the dealership lot?
Has a fog set in that doesn’t seem to go away no matter how much you scrub your paint hoping for the shine to return?

Never fear, Dom is here!

Using specialized tools, techniques, and paint correction products we’ll get that gloss and shine back in no time. We’ll polish your paint to perfection and leave behind a flawless finish!

With paint correction by Dom’s Details, you can expect your car to shine as brilliantly as the sun. Outshine your friends, family, and everyone else.

Give your ride the gloss it deserves with the most reliable paint correction & protection service in Tulsa.

Explore what we can do to bring your vehicle’s best foot forward.

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