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Mobile Car Detailing has become mainstream over the last few years, but how does it work, and what should you expect from this type of service?

Paying For A Car Detailing Service Can be Scary

There’s always that unsure feeling when getting your car serviced in any fashion. Calling a car detailing service to come out and perform a detailing service on your car can especially be daunting.

Many people have similar feelings when they first begin to utilize a housekeeping service, as well. They think there should be some base level of “cleanliness” before the housekeeper gets started otherwise it will make their job more difficult.

In reality there isn’t that kind of stigma around hiring those types of services. With that out of the way, you should first look at why you’re choosing auto detailing in the first place. 

Are you interested in this highly valued service because you don’t have the time in your week to detail your own vehicle?

Have you chosen to prioritize your time elsewhere while a detailing expert handles this task for you?

Was the service a gift from someone?

If any of these are true for you, then you’ll be happy to know that your detailing expert will not be phased at the state of your car. We promise, we have seen it all before!


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What the Mobile Auto Detailing Process Looks like for your Vehicle

When we arrive, we will greet you and ask if there are any specifics you’d like us to know about.

Did you recently have a spill inside the vehicle?  

Is there a lot of pet hair or a strange smell that you can’t quite place?  

Whatever your main issue is, we want to get that taken care of for you as we service your car.

Once we know your main concerns, your detailing services can begin.  

Car Detailing Tulsa

Here is what to expect:

  • Trash Removal – Removing trash is often the first step in your detailing session.  This is a great way for your expert to kick-start their visit by removing things that do not need to go back into your car.
  • Removing large items –  Everyone has their habits with what they keep inside their car.  Some people like to keep their gym clothes or jackets inside the car.  Others have a habit of leaving food containers, office bags, or other bulky items throughout their car. Your detailer will group these items together for you and place them in the rear of the car or the trunk once your detail is complete.
  • Interior Vacuuming  Nooks and crannies, first!  Great detailers have a wide array of brushes and tools that can get all the dust and debris out of the smallest crevices in your car.  Once these smaller spaces have been cleared of debris, your detailer will proceed with a thorough vacuuming of the rest of the car. A detailed vacuuming lays the foundation for a properly clean interior.
  • Wiping down surfaces –  There are many different types of surfaces in your car, and an auto detailing expert will know the most appropriate product to use on each one.  Your steering wheel, for instance, may require an entirely different conditioner than your dashboard.
  • Cleaning carpets and upholstery –  There are many different textures inside a car and they can vary widely.  Most automobiles have a mixture of carpet, fabric upholstery, plastic, and leather.  Your detailing expert will know exactly which product to use on each of these, as well.  Each one requires a very specific cleaner; using the wrong one could result in damage to your car.
  • Exterior detailing services –  While the inside of the car should really shine because that’s where we spend most of our time, the exterior of the car is where everyone forms their initial opinion. If your car is still covered in that wonderful Tulsa dust it’s hard for it to feel nearly as clean. A great exterior detail provides that “finishing touch” to give a “refreshed” feeling to your car.
  • Car WashingYour mobile detailer will wash, dry, buff, and shine the exterior of your vehicle until they are satisfied that it has been properly cared for. Detailers use special methods, tools and products to wash your car. Using those tools and techniques, as well as the human touch, far outclasses any automatic car wash. Nothing can beat a proper hand wash from a detailing pro.
  • Wheels, tires & trim After a proper car wash the next step is detailing the trim on your vehicle, the wheels and tires, applying tire & trim shine products, and cleaning any nooks and crannies on the outside that normal wash mitts can’t reach. This part of car detailing is often overlooked, but can make the difference between an OK detail and a stellar detailing experience.
  • Exterior ProtectionOnce an exterior detailing service is complete, protection needs to be applied to lock in that shine. Protection can range from wipe on waxes to baked on coatings that last for years at a time. Your detailer should review options for exterior protection with you, and recommend what would work best for your car’s specific needs.


Dom drying a freshly detailed ford car with a microfiber towel in preparation for wax application

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